At SMEG, household appliances are developed by certified laboratories and appreciated as elegant and tasteful solutions to the demands of contemporary life. Based on a very advanced technology, they are distinguished by their qualities such as durability, safety and intelligent management of energy resources.

Ayeme is an innovative, dynamic and contemporary brand. The quality of the materials and the design are ensured by a specialized team. It is a company that adapts, in any project, to the demands of each client, from the most traditional lines to the most current and bold concepts. 

Florim has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of surface coatings for over 60 years. It is a company that respects the environment and the people involved in the product’s life cycle, reducing the impacts generated at each stage of formation, including the extraction of constituent raw materials, development and packaging.

Ribadão is a company dedicated to providing unique and elegant flooring lines. Committed to producing wood products that meet the latest trends, international architectural requirements, it is distinguished by its concern in the development of ecological and sustainable products.

GROHE is the world’s leading supplier of sanitary ware, with a focus on faucets, with engineering and innovation activities firmly anchored from Germany. GRHOE products bear the quality “Made in Germany”, reinforcing the quality and trust in the brand. For GROHE, design goes beyond form and function, it is a brand that aims to create an emotional connection with its customers. In addition to design, quality, technology and sustainability are other values associated with this brand.

The Geberit Group, which is active worldwide, is also a leader in the European market, offering unique added value in the sanitary technology and bathroom fittings sectors. Sustainability is part of the company’s identity, based on products and solutions for construction that respect the environment. Minimizing water and energy consumption have been key issues for Geberit for many years.

One of the world’s most recognized brands of security doors. It excels in applying the most advanced technologies to its equipment, thus ensuring maximum security to its customers. Combines perfection with aesthetics and innovation, characteristics of this Italian brand, market leader in Portugal.

BAXI, a leading company in air conditioning systems, prioritizes the development of more efficient solutions and the use of renewable energy, with the goal of promoting energy savings, without giving up an attractive design. In Portugal and Spain, BAXI has 1,100 employees and a turnover of 227 million euros. It has three corporate headquarters in Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona.

Blum is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality fittings and furniture. In addition, it offers installation support services. The purpose of Blum is to increase the quality and comfort of various living areas.

JÂ is an architectural firm that provides services to its customers in consulting and implementation of architectural projects. They are present at the stage of the preliminary study, architectural design, licensing process, execution project and design and construction monitoring.

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